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KEYENCE is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of sensing equipment ranging from automation sensors, measuring instruments, and visions systems to laser markers and digital microscopes. We invite you to visit our stand.

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  • P 3D Scanners
  • P Measuring devices, scanners, quality control
  • P Material testing
  • P Surface testing
  • P Further measuring devices, scanners, quality control
  • P 3D measuring systems
  • P Electron microscopes
  • S Metallography
  • S Quality assurance
  • S Microscopic material analysis
  • S Measuring, 3D scanning
  • S Technical cleanliness
  • S Consulting
  • S Consulting, engineering, data generation
  • S Further quality assurance
  • S Training
  • S Education, training and media
  • S Surface testing
  • S Part testing

About us

As a leading supplier of sensors, measuring systems, laser markers, microscopes, and machine vision systems worldwide, KEYENCE is at the forefront of factory automation. We strive to develop innovative and reliable products to meet the needs of our customers in every manufacturing industry.

In addition to our world-class products, KEYENCE offers a full range of services to further assist our customers. Our technically trained direct sales force is able to solve tough applications and answer technical questions about our products. We also provide fast shipping so customers can improve their processes as quickly as possible.

KEYENCE is dedicated to adding value to our customers by combining superior technology with unparalleled support.

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Grossmattstrasse 9
8902 Urdorf

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 Vladimir Mrazik

Vladimir Mrazik

Sales & Marketing

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 Reto Völlmin

Reto Völlmin

Area Sales Manager at KEYENCE CORPORATION responsible for Switzerland

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 Michael Korntner

Michael Korntner

Area Sales Manager at KEYENCE CORPORATION, responsible for Austria.

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