Louis Bélet SA

Short description

Since 1948, Louis BELET SA, a family business of about 100 employees has manufactured cutting tools in solid carbide or PCD. Our creative, technically, ecologically and socially performing has become a benchmark in the manufacture of profiled tools.

About us



The goal of corporate policy at Louis Bélet SA is to ensure complete and lasting customer satisfaction with regard to both the products and services provided.

The company's management team and employees are committed to a process of continuous improvement with a view to making constant progress at every level and in every field of activity while achieving the ultimate goal of satisfying the customer.

The policy adopted by Louis Bélet SA complies with the ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management) standards. It is also founded on the principle of sustainable development, incorporating economic performance, social development social and environmental protection in equal measure.

Implementation of this policy is driven by the following objectives:

Economic performance

  • optimise the quality of the tools
  • optimise after-sales performance and services
  • create and sell innovative products
  • establish close and lasting partnerships with the main suppliers and customers
  • explore new national and international markets
  • ensure strict financial management by targeting financial independence

Social development

  • maintain jobs in the region
  • promote a staff loyalty policy
  • develop competences and support staff training
  • implement a staff profit-sharing scheme (bonus)
  • ensure the management team adopts an open attitude and ensure frequent communication through a range of different
  • channels provide support for local sporting and cultural associations, events and clubs
  • comply with local tax provisions, with no tax evasion strategy.


Environmental policy

  • sort and recycle waste and consumables
  • use materials that do not harm either people or the environment
  • make rational use of energy
  • endeavour to use energy sources that are less harmful to the environment
  • endeavour to optimise the comfort of the building for the well-being of the employees and technical resources