Product Highlight SWISSTECH 2019

3D-Scanner ATOS 5

ATOS 5 was developed for industrial use and delivers high-precision data in a short measuring time, even under harsh conditions. The full-surface 3D measurement data enables comprehensive process and quality control by visualizing hidden errors.

Optical 3D Metrology for Industrial Use

Optical 3D coordinate measuring machines capture detailed and easily interpretable quality  information in a short measuring time. They provide fully automated full-field deviations between the actual 3D coordinates and the CAD data. As this measuring data contains all the object information, in addition to the surface deviations from the CAD, the software also automatically derives detailed information such as GD&T, trimming or hole positions.


ATOS 5 - High-Speed Scanner with Highest Data Quality

The two 3D scanners ATOS 5 is high-resolution optical digitizers, which quickly provide precise three-dimensional measuring data for optimizing design and manufacturing processes.

The performance of the ATOS 5 systems is very impressive, particularly when measuring glossy surfaces, fine structures, and edges. The ATOS technology significantly reduces the number of  individual scans and accelerates overall measuring procedures.


High Measuring Speed

ATOS sensors provide full-field 3D coordinates for each individual measurement. Within a few seconds, up to 12 million independent measuring points are captured per scan. This is made possible by the low noise level of the Blue Light Equalizer. As a result, the measuring data is characterized by very high detailed reproduction, thereby enabling very small component features to be measured.


Assured Measuring Data Quality

An ATOS sensor is a self-monitoring system. The software of the sensors is continuously monitoring the calibration status, the transformation accuracy as well as environmental changes and part movements in order to ensure the quality of the measuring data.