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Blaser Swisslube AG March 29, 2021

Grinding oil increases quality & efficiency

In 2017, Werkzeugschleiferei Hugo Limmer started a test phase of the Blaser grinding oil Blasogrind GTC 7. The goals were ambitious, but Blasogrind convinced all along the way. With the high-performance grinding oil, Hugo Limmer manufactures more efficiently and saves around 67,000 euros per year.

Blaser Swisslube AG August 17, 2020

Bacteria in metalworking fluids

Control them instead of fighting them – Learn from our microbiologists how to control the bacteria in your coolant and how you can even use them with our Bio-Concept.

Blaser Swisslube AG June 29, 2020

Reduce tool wear by more than 20% with metalworking fluid

AMI Industries, a precision manufacturer in Tainan, Taiwan, set ambitious targets for the use of Blaser Swisslube metalworking fluids for its new machining centre. With the holistic approach of Blaser Swisslube and a change to the metalworking fluid B-Cool 755, all these goals were achieved.

Blaser Swisslube AG June 15, 2020

Coolant monitoring insights from Blaser Swisslube laboratory

This webinar shows you how important it is to monitor and maintain your metalworking fluid regularly. You will learn how you can do this yourself and how our Liquid Tool experts can support you on site. Your hosts are Manuel Schlaeppi and Etienne Jeanquartier from our customer service.

OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH November 13, 2019

Surface treatment of laser cut parts

Laser-cut parts are used in many industries (e.g. automotive, electrical and optical industries, jewellery). After production, one question always arises: How can the thin parts be deburred and polished uniformly without changing the geometry?

Blaser Swisslube AG November 11, 2019
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Everything clean: Machines, workpieces and emulsion

B-Cool MC 610 is ideal for general machining with a significant share of copper-base alloys. Clean machines, stable processes stand out. Excellent filterability even with cast iron.

OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH October 14, 2019
Product Highlight

Disc Finishing Machines

The contact between the workpieces and the medium generates a very intense finishing effect which is up to 20 times more efficient than can be achieved with systems such as conventional vibrators. Only OTEC has the know-how to finish very fine workpieces.

Harter GmbH May 7, 2019
Product Highlight

Drymex® - Dryer for Sludges

With Drymex® sludge dryers you reduce your disposal costs by up to 60%. Government sponsored drying technology with heat pump – reliable, uniform and low-energy drying in a closed system.


Memtec.plus May 6, 2019
Product Highlight

New: PRODEX and SWISSTECH take place 365 days a year

PRODEX and SWISSTECH are extended into the digital world with Memtec.plus. Memtec.plus is the new digital meeting place for the MEM industry, where visitors and exhibitors get in contact 365 days a year. Visit us at the trade fair and find out more.


NTN Innovation Booster Additive Manufacturing May 6, 2019
Product Highlight

AM Guide

The AM Guide contains an annual update on the topic of additive manufacturing and inspires the Swiss AM community with concrete showcases for different uses.


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