Product Highlight SWISSTECH 2019

Air purification that adapts to your business needs

Why are our air cleaning systems so efficient? The sophisticated filter technology from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions binds dust particles electrostatically and thus absorbs large amounts of dust.

Technical specifications

Each customer is unique and therefore each customer needs a customised dimensioning and installation. In order to be able to design the installation in the best way for each and every customer, the air cleaning units can be ordered in up to eight different installation options, e.g. ceiling, wall and floor mounting with air in-/outlets to fit every customers specific situation. The units are available in four different sizes and have an air flow spanning from 2.000 m³/h up to 12.500 m³/h per system.

  • Plug and play operation
  • Filter change alarm function
  • Programmable timer to control airflow rate
  • Adjustable deflectors to control the airflow direction
  • Variable and flexible installation options


How to filter dust and dirt in a resource-saving way

The intelligent air cleaning systems from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions filter dust particles from the air before they can be inhaled or settle on goods and machines. 

This exceptional effect is the result of a combination of two different filters. The core is the Flimmer filter in which thousands of polypropylene fibres attract fine and coarse dust particles from the air as it flows through, binding them by means of mechanical and electrostatic charge. The downstream Media filter traps all dust particles that are not caught by the Flimmer filter. This combination – patented as Flimmer M – doesn't just capture high quantities of solid particles, it also enjoys a very long life cycle.

See for yourself: