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Zehnder Clean Air Solutions is your expert when it comes to industrial air purification. We truly believe that clean air is the key to your success. Therefore, our service range includes air cleaning systems in different sizes to react according to your individual needs and requirements.

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Zehnder Clean Air Solutions March 8, 2019

Innovative surface coatings thanks to air cleaning

As a leading global provider of surface coatings, Oerlikon Balzers relies on industrial air cleaning systems from Zehnder to reduce its quality costs, improve the health and wellbeing of its employees, and enhance the visual impact of its coating centres.


Zehnder Clean Air Solutions December 12, 2018
Service Highlight

How good is the air in our working environment?

Every day we hear how bad the air is in our cities. However, hardly anyone talks about indoor air quality, and there is a much greater danger lurking here. Don't wait any longer and let us help you improve your working environment.


Zehnder Clean Air Solutions December 12, 2018

More competitive due to high "First Time Right" rate

Huf UK intended to achieve a particularly high "Right First Time" rate. Find out how the company made its operations more efficient and competitive through the cooperation with Zehnder Clean Air Solutions.


Zehnder Clean Air Solutions December 4, 2018
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Clean Air Solutions: up to 90% dust reduction

One of the biggest advantages of industrial air purification is the improvement of indoor air. Whether it's dust, spores, pollen, emulsions or smoke particles, our innovative filter technology offers the right solution for clean air in your production or logistics facility.


Zehnder Clean Air Solutions November 16, 2018
Product Highlight

Air purification that adapts to your business needs

Why are our air cleaning systems so efficient? The sophisticated filter technology from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions binds dust particles electrostatically and thus absorbs large amounts of dust.


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About us

Increase the overall performance of your business

Zehnder Clean Air Solutions offers you a flexible air purification service tailored to your requirements. Clean air helps you benefit from smoother running processes and a healthier working environment. This all contributes to a more reliable and efficient delivery to your own customers as well as a reduction of your overall costs.


The threats of poor indoor air quality

1. Dust particles have an enormous impact on product quality

Products covered with dust lead to high rejection rates, returns and dissatisfied customers. Particle loaded equipments are likely to experience standstills which endangers the adherence of delivery deadlines and thus your quality standards.


2. Digital becomes dysfunctional, thanks to particle overkill

Driverless transport systems, light barriers that control the timing of conveyor belts: innovative digital technologies depend on high-performance sensors. Dust, however, negatively affects the functionality and accuracy of these technologies. The effectiveness of your digital processes suffers, and so does your budget.


3. Dust is the blow to employees

Particles do not only settle on goods or equipment, they also put a strain on employee health. The consequences are serious: breathing issues, astma and even cancer. This increases the number of staff on sick leave, leads to unmotivated employees and imairs productivity.


How Clean Air Solutions works

One of the greatest advantages of industrial air cleaning is the improvement in the indoor air. Whether it is dust, spores, pollen, oily emulsions or smoke particles – our innovative filter technology traps coarse and fine particles from the air in your production or logistics facility.

The intelligent air cleaning systems from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions filter dust particles from the air before they can be inhaled or settle on goods and machines. 

This exceptional effect is the result of a combination of two different filters. The core is the Flimmer filter in which thousands of polypropylene fibres attract fine and coarse dust particles from the air as it flows through, binding them by means of mechanical and electrostatic charge. The downstream Media filter traps all dust particles that are not caught by the Flimmer filter. This combination – patented as Flimmer M – doesn't just capture high quantities of solid particles, it also enjoys a very long life cycle.


Why are our air cleaning systems so efficient?

We combine technology and service so you can benefit from our air cleaning systems without going to extra effort and expense.

Resource-efficient technology:

  • Electrostatically charged filter fibres collect air-borne particles
  • Low space requirements
  • Low energy consumption

All-round service:

  • Mobile unit installation with no need for conversion work
  • Flexible maintenance intervals and filter replacement adapted to your needs


Visit us at Swisstech 2019!

We are happy to welcome you at this year's Swisstech at our booth D43, hall 1.1. Our experts will inform you in detail, clearly and convincingly about the benefits of clean air.