EWE Downsize from BIG KAISER Precision Tooling Ltd.

Nominated for the PRODEX Award 19: The EWE Downsize - the world's smallest digital fine boring head and flagship product for industry 4.0. BIG KAISER is a major player in the field of micromachining.

With the smallest digital fine boring head EWE 04-7, also known as
EWE Downsize, BIG KAISER, a global leader in premium high-precision tooling systems and solutions for the metalworking industries, is a major player in the field of micromachining. However, size is only one of the reasons why BIG KAISER is again competing for this year's PRODEX Award with its latest innovation.


Digitization is everywhere and continues to challenge many companies. The Swiss manufacturer of high-precision tooling systems, BIG KAISER, is committed to digitization that can make mechanical products even better. In order to get the most out of this technology, the associated questions were the core of further development of the tools.

With the latest generation of fine boring heads, BIG KAISER has succeeded in immersing itself in the digital world and making the complex process of fine boring smarter. This series also includes the company's latest innovation: the "EWE Downsize" - the world's smallest digital fine boring head.


Its character

The EWE Downsize, which was developed and produced 100% in Switzerland, is part of the new BIG KAISER fine boring heads and will in the future be listed in the product catalog under the designation EWE 04-7. With a length of 26 mm and an outside diameter of 19.6 mm, it is the ideal fine boring head for machine tools with spindle sizes ISO 20, HSK-E25 and larger. The head covers a diameter range of 0.4 - 7 mm and allows infinite length adjustment of the tool holder. This allows a maximum depth machining of 16 mm.


Its degree of innovation

At the center of development was improvement in process safety. With the EWE Downsize, BIG KAISER has succeeded in supporting the feed processes required for fine boring. Thanks to its wireless connection, the EWE Downsize can connect wirelessly to the app for Smartphone, Tablet and Smart Watch specially developed by BIG KAISER for this purpose. This ensures ultra-precise delivery with a resolution of 1 µm. Since the EWE Downsize eliminates the need to plug in an external display or cable, the operator can concentrate fully on fine adjustment of the fine boring head. To support the operator in this task, the tolerance zones are indicated on the display by dynamically changing colors.


Its importance for the industry

The future is digital. At BIG KAISER, it is clear that digitization can make mechanical products even better. The simplified reading of feed data for the EWE Downsize on an external display is a major factor in making the complex process of fine boring smarter. With the EWE Downsize and its simplicity in fast and error-free delivery, confidence in the use of the tool and the work process is strengthened. The world's smallest digital fine boring head corresponds to the future in our industry. The EWE Downsize is the pioneer model for all other versions of products in the field of micromachining.


Its philosophy

BIG KAISER has always followed the philosophy that the accessories of all fine boring tools also can be used for new products. For this reason, the EWE Downsize also retains the marking of its scaling disc. The fine boring head with its digital core can, therefore, still be used analogously. For all CAM programmers, the EWE Downsize is also available as a STEP/Dxf file and as DIN13399 / DIN4000.



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