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URMA AG October 17, 2022
Product Highlight

URMA AG April 13, 2021

(RX small) worldwide smallest replaceable insert reaming sys

No pain, no gain? That's something for the gym.With "RX small", the smallest replaceable insert reaming system in the world, you will have less pain and more...

URMA AG October 28, 2020

URMA Tools novelties 2020

This year URMA presented its 2020 innovations virtually. Did you miss this virtual launch of the URMA Tools novelties? Don't worry - we have prepared the recording for you.

Blaser Swisslube AG August 13, 2019

Sixfold increase of tool life with the right coolant

The optimization of tool life (and thus costs) was the main objective of tool manufacturer Ifanger AG when the company began its collaboration with Blaser Swisslube in 2017. Following a detailed analysis, the production was changed over to B-Cool—with excellent results.

HEULE Werkzeug AG July 9, 2019

Deburring of 1:1 Cross bores with COFA-X

Cross bores with almost identical diameters show a very high unevenness. With the new COFA-X technology, it is possible to mechanically remove the burrs completely from these uneven surfaces in an automated process.

PRODEX Award May 16, 2019

ArCut X with assistance system from Fraisa SA

Nominated for the PRODEX Award 2019: Precise combination of hardware and software for cutting tools. The ArCut X was developed by Fraisa as a conical circular arc milling cutter in close cooperation with CAM manufacturer Openmind.

BIG KAISER Präzisionswerkzeuge AG April 9, 2019
Product Highlight


With the smallest digital fine boring head EWE 04-7, also known as "EWE Downsize", BIG KAISER, a global market leader for high-quality precision tools and systems for the metalworking industry, is a major player in the field of micromachining.

URMA AG April 3, 2019
Product Highlight

URMA Boring System – Modular Boring and Toolsystem

The modular boring and toolsystem (0.2 - 2’400 mm) exists with two different connections: axial threaded connection (alpha-modul) and side lock system (beta-modul)

PRODEX Award April 2, 2019

EWE Downsize from BIG KAISER Precision Tooling Ltd.

Nominated for the PRODEX Award 19: The EWE Downsize - the world's smallest digital fine boring head and flagship product for industry 4.0. BIG KAISER is a major player in the field of micromachining.

Ifanger AG April 1, 2019
Product Highlight

Turning and Knurling. Small, smart and fine.

Ifanger MicroTurn range and our Knurling tools have been designed and standardized over the year in a system that can be used on almost all the available precision machines.

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