Product Highlight

Turning and Knurling. Small, smart and fine.

Ifanger MicroTurn range and our Knurling tools have been designed and standardized over the year in a system that can be used on almost all the available precision machines.

We produce our own tools, therefore we now quite well what matters when you set-up a machine.

Out of specifical solutions & designs we consistently developped a system combining cutting tools with machines dedicated holders & accessories. 

  • With our MicroTurn range, you may machine holes as small as Ø0.3 mm, incl. threading, etc. 
  • Our knurling tools allow you to roll or cut standard or specifical profiles. Our worldwide renown precision and the specifical design of our rolls help reducing the forces on the machines spindles. 
  • As the production of our tools & holders require classical tooling, we also need chucks, milling head, drills or cutting plates. Therefore we represent renown brands as Albrecht, Maykestag, Komet or Kennametal in Switzerland and really know how to support our customers.

Check our products on our website or visit us at the Prodex 2019 and challenge us.

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