Service Highlight

first solus only made by Sundwiger

In short: the higher the quality of the final product has to be, the more sense it makes to use our process. The quality of the final product is significantly improved by incorporating individual parts manufactured with the use of this technology. Our customers have confirmed this.

Make your decision for first solus creating a new level of quality for your parts. Create a new design without limits. Discover the impossibility of plagiarism! first solus realizes your design accurately.


By that we mean:

  • decorative surfaces in brilliant quality just like technical surfaces - Rz < 0,05
  • precision - without turning marks
  • improved quality or your products
  • cutting of brass, red-brass or aluminium
  • accuracy even with smallest radii
  • precision at sub-assembly joints
  • no after-processing required
  • best basis for high-standard visual surfaces
  • product design to the limits of feasibility
  • high lubricative properties through high precision
  • advantages through exellent adhesion properties
  • no contamination caudes ba polishing paste
  • reduction of reject costs by surface finishing
  • contribution to a more humane workplace
  • environmentally-friendly production