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HABA AG May 9, 2019
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Drawing parts / Complete processing

Your perfect installation ready component thanks broad knowledge and a lot of experience. hould it be beneficial for you or you don't have the facilities or the capacity, we will assume the overall responsibility fo the delivery of finished drawing parts based on our plate materials.

ProtoShape GmbH April 30, 2019

Mountain bike part: Lightweight design & fatigue strength

Additive manufacturing offers completely new possibilities in the design of parts. Thanks to hollow structures, material can be saved. But can the part endure permanent stress? Yes! ProtoShape proves this with a mountain bike part made of titanium.

A+B Bürsten-Technik AG April 23, 2019
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Development of specific brush solutions

Everything is possible! This is our motto when it comes to developing & producing innovative, customised brushes or driven brushing devices. Challenge us!

Arnold Ehrat AG April 23, 2019
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Turning and milling in small sizes and high precision

As long-standing specialists in the production of precise, mechanical parts, we are committed to the highest quality. We manufacture, advise and develop together with our customers from various industries, such as medical technology, chip industry and vacuum technology.

BSF Bünter AG April 17, 2019
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3D-printed metal parts with mechanical post processing

Discover the limitless possibilities thanks to Additive Manufacturing (3D print) of metal parts in combination with mechanical post processing! All from one single source of experienced specialists.

Yong Ju Machinery Co., Ltd April 17, 2019
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Custom Metal Parts

We are a Taiwan Manufacturer of Custom Metal Parts and our services include the following: Die Casting, Machining, Coating/Anodizing, Lox Wax Casting, Machining, Laser, Heat Treat as well as Surface Treat.

Yong Ju Machinery Co., Ltd April 17, 2019
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Extrusion, CNC machining, black anodising, Assembly

The assembled parts are made multiple process like the below: 1. Extrusion Profile 2. CNC turning and milling 3. Surtech 650 4. Black Anodising 5. Assembly

Yong Ju Machinery Co., Ltd April 16, 2019
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Casting, Machining and Surface Treatment

We offer services including Casting, like die casting, lost wax casting, Extrusion; and CNC machining, like milling, turning, 4 Axis and 4+1 Axis; as well as surface treatment.

BKB Precision April 16, 2019
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Increase in use of plastic parts in the medical industry

The use of plastics in the medical world is not uncommon. On the contrary, the use of plastics within the medical industry has only increased. Developments in this industry have been very rapid in the past years.

Sundwiger Drehtechnik GmbH April 4, 2019
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first solus only made by Sundwiger

In short: the higher the quality of the final product has to be, the more sense it makes to use our process. The quality of the final product is significantly improved by incorporating individual parts manufactured with the use of this technology. Our customers have confirmed this.

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