Short description

Manometal is a modern and competitive manufacturer of automatic lathes / turnparts in Südtirol. The series production of precision turned parts in brass alloys and stainless steels is the main focus at Manometal.

Standards, Products, Services

  • S ISO 9001:2015
  • S OHSAS 18001:2007
  • S ISO 14001:2015
  • P Metals – raw materials and semi-finished products
  • P Joining systems
  • P Drive systems
  • P Hydraulics and pneumatics
  • P Electrical engineering
  • P Further technical products
  • S Machining
  • S Surface finishing
  • S Assembly services

About us

Benefiting from the favourable purchasing conditions in the Italian market and the geographical situation of South Tyrol - alongside the North-South axis of the Brenner motorway - in German and Italian speaking South Tyrol, Manometal is one of Italy's leading machine turning shops.

The tolerances of the whole range of turned parts are monitored during production using SPC technologies and, through control of production capabilities, are subject to our aim of zero fault part production.
Production processes are constantly being improved. Outstanding and completely smooth surfaces and perfectly turning threads are the key characteristics of turned part production at Manometal.
This means that customers are largely spared costly incoming goods inspections.

In order to optimise the entire processing of the order and the associated adherence to delivery dates and logistics, Manometal employs software which is constantly kept up-to-date. All orders can be accessed at any time once a feasibility study has been completed. So from receipt of the order right through to punctual dispatch, everything is in careful, well-organised and competent hands.