Service Highlight

3D-printed metal parts with mechanical post processing

Discover the limitless possibilities thanks to Additive Manufacturing (3D print) of metal parts in combination with mechanical post processing! All from one single source of experienced specialists.

You are not sure whether a concrete component should be made easier / cheaper / better by additive manufacturing?
We clarify this from a neutral point of view and recommend you the optimal process suitable for your application.


Besides the subtractive machining like

  • milling
  • turning
  • flat and cylindrical grinding
  • wire EDM


BSF Bünter AG has been one of the first service providers in Switzerland to offer additive metal manufacturing since 2012. In the process also known as 3D printing, previously believed impossible geometries and conformal cooling channels can be made. Unfortunately, because the machines are not yet able to print the tightest tolerances and smoothest surfaces, mechanical post processing is a very crucial issue.

With us you can purchase post processed and directly usable components, all from one source and with the necessary know-how.