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Siemens Digital Industries Software July 5, 2022

Solution guide: Product Lifecycle Management for Machine Builders

Mechanical and plant engineering is becoming more complex every day. Yesterday's technologies as well as outdated processes hinder companies. Our guide provides a comprehensive overview of PLM solutions and their capabilities. Download it now!

Siemens Digital Industries Software May 4, 2022

IoT: Realistic vs. visionary for industrial manufacturers

What can you really expect to get from Industrial IoT solutions? This eBook gives you practical tips on where to get started with industrial IoT and what added value you can achieve.

Blaser Swisslube AG March 29, 2021

Grinding oil increases quality & efficiency

In 2017, Werkzeugschleiferei Hugo Limmer started a test phase of the Blaser grinding oil Blasogrind GTC 7. The goals were ambitious, but Blasogrind convinced all along the way. With the high-performance grinding oil, Hugo Limmer manufactures more efficiently and saves around 67,000 euros per year.

Siemens Digital Industries Software March 15, 2021

Accelerating product development with new technologies

This article informs you about the trends, technologies and processes that are driving modern mechanical engineering. And you will learn how you can use new technologies to accelerate product development.

URMA AG October 28, 2020

URMA Tools novelties 2020

This year URMA presented its 2020 innovations virtually. Did you miss this virtual launch of the URMA Tools novelties? Don't worry - we have prepared the recording for you.

Siemens Digital Industries Software July 16, 2020

Use of PLM for improved machine development

Learn in this White Paper how product lifecycle management affects the development and introduction of new products and how critical business processes can be improved.

OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH October 31, 2019

From startup to medium-sized technology leader

Since 1996, OTEC has developed from a mechanical engineering start-up into a global technology leader for deburring, grinding, smoothing and polishing. In an interview, Managing Director Helmut Gegenheimer gives interesting insights into the development history and future of the technology leader.

OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH October 14, 2019
Service Highlight

OTEC Switzerland: close, competent and reliable

OTEC in Switzerland - close, competent and reliable: An experienced German-, Italian- and French-speaking sales team will be available to you as your contact in future.

OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH October 14, 2019
Product Highlight

Disc Finishing Machines

The contact between the workpieces and the medium generates a very intense finishing effect which is up to 20 times more efficient than can be achieved with systems such as conventional vibrators. Only OTEC has the know-how to finish very fine workpieces.

Blaser Swisslube AG August 13, 2019

Sixfold increase of tool life with the right coolant

The optimization of tool life (and thus costs) was the main objective of tool manufacturer Ifanger AG when the company began its collaboration with Blaser Swisslube in 2017. Following a detailed analysis, the production was changed over to B-Cool—with excellent results.

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