White Paper: Closed-Loop Manufacturing - Leveraging Manufacturing Operations Management

This white paper explores the challenges manufacturers encounter during digital transformation and how to unlock the potential of the new industrial era. Learn how to build a technological infrastructure that harnesses massive data, converting it into greater efficiency and quality.

An Introduction to Intelligent Manufacturing with Manufacturing Operations Management

With increasing product innovation, the complexity of manufacturing processes and the volume of data are rapidly growing.

To successfully address these challenges and maximize the use of new technologies, a new manufacturing approach is essential: data sources must be integrated, interconnected, and understood in context across the entire value chain of products and production processes.

This approach, known as Closed-Loop Manufacturing (CLM), forms the cornerstone of digitalization in the era of intelligent manufacturing.

CLM continuously optimizes the cost, time, and quality of manufacturing processes to deliver products efficiently and cost-effectively.

Learn how to build the digital infrastructure required for Closed-Loop Manufacturing.

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