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Siemens Digital Industries Software is driving transformation to enable a digital enterprise where engineering, manufacturing and electronics design meet tomorrow. The Xcelerator portfolio helps companies of all sizes create and leverage digital twins that provide organizations with new insights.

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Siemens Digital Industries Software April 4, 2024

E-Book: 6 keys to your success in digital manufacturing

How do you accelerate innovation? Achieve flawless production? And ensure quality and efficiency? Discover the six key elements that manufacturers need to increase productivity and efficiency.

Siemens Digital Industries Software January 8, 2024

E-Book: How to achieve quality excellence with new product introductions

The introduction of new products is often perceived as fragmented and time-consuming. This E-book illustrates how established quality management practices can be seamlessly integrated throughout the entire development, design, and manufacturing process to enhance the reliability of products.

Siemens Digital Industries Software October 25, 2023

Infographic: Cloud-based SaaS PLM for industrial machines – transforming product development

Discover how Cloud PLM revolutionizes product development by enabling seamless collaboration, increased innovation, and optimized efficiency. Gain insights into current trends and explore the available PLM options.

Siemens Digital Industries Software August 18, 2023

Infographic: Product Lifecycle Management for Machine Builders

Discover what companies can achieve with a SaaS PLM solution built specifically for machine builders. This specialized solution accelerates innovation along every step of the process, from design to manufacturing and service.

Siemens Digital Industries Software July 5, 2023

Infographic: How small and medium-sized companies benefit from cloud-based SaaS PLM

Using product lifecycle management (PLM) software via the cloud is making it easier than ever for companies of any size to use the tools once reserved for only the largest companies. Discover all the benefits of PLM in the cloud.

Siemens Digital Industries Software July 4, 2023

eBook: Production planning in a complex supply chain

Discover how advanced planning and scheduling can improve the performance of your supply chain. Find out how APS systems support an effective supply chain management strategy.

Siemens Digital Industries Software March 6, 2023

Research Report: Reducing engineering time wasters in industrial machinery

Based on a survey of 228 manufacturers, this report examines how engineers spend their time, where they lose productivity, and the impact on the business. It then identifies solutions and approaches to reduce time wasters.

Siemens Digital Industries Software January 4, 2023

13 Reasons to focus on MOM - Infographic

Discover what manufacturers and the industrial machinery industry need to know about MOM, including 13 reasons to focus on MOM, nine features to look for in a MOM solution, and what a complete MOM solution looks like.

Siemens Digital Industries Software January 4, 2023

eBook: The Business Case for Cloud-based SaaS PLM

Managers comparing PLM solutions need to understand the financial implications of each model. This eBook compares three PLM deployment options: on-premises, cloud and SaaS. Which is the right choice for your business?

Siemens Digital Industries Software November 11, 2022

Artificial intelligence in manufacturing - White Paper

Find out how industrial machinery companies using manufacturing operations management (MOM) systems can exploit artificial intelligence (AI) in a wide range of applications.

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About us

Siemens Digital Industries (DI) is an innovation leader in automation and digitalization. Closely collaborating with partners and customers, DI drives the digital transformation in the process and discrete industries. With its Digital Enterprise portfolio, DI provides companies of all sizes with an end-to-end set of products, solutions and services to integrate and digitalize the entire value chain.

Optimized for the specific needs of each industry, DI’s unique portfolio supports customers to achieve greater productivity and flexibility. DI is constantly adding innovations to its portfolio to integrate cutting-edge future technologies. 


Digitalization for Industrial Machinery

New technology innovation, fierce global competition and demanding customization require industrial machinery manufacturers to continuously innovate and optimize products.

Machinery manufacturers must employ advanced multidisciplinary and next-gen design techniques to improve machine performance, reliability and cost of ownership. Virtual simulation and manufacturing capabilities reduce time to delivery and commissioning.