E-Book: How to achieve quality excellence with new product introductions

The introduction of new products is often perceived as fragmented and time-consuming. This E-book illustrates how established quality management practices can be seamlessly integrated throughout the entire development, design, and manufacturing process to enhance the reliability of products.

Faster market entry of high-quality, sustainable products

To maintain a leading industry position, machinery, equipment, and component manufacturers must consistently introduce innovative products aligning with the highest standards of quality, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

The challenge lies in cost-effectively and swiftly bringing new products to the market while maintaining high-quality standards. Integrating established quality management practices throughout the entire development, design, and manufacturing process promotes the creation of more reliable products.

Tools for improving the development process enable more efficient collaboration through suitable software solutions. The incorporation of proven quality management practices accelerates development and delivery processes, increases manufacturers' output, and ensures consistency and product reliability. The use of digital twins opens opportunities for continuous quality improvement.

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Our infographic demonstrates how you can successfully overcome challenges such as supply chain constraints, rising consumer preferences for premium products, and complex quality processes.