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Siemens Digital Industries Software April 4, 2024

E-Book: 6 keys to your success in digital manufacturing

How do you accelerate innovation? Achieve flawless production? And ensure quality and efficiency? Discover the six key elements that manufacturers need to increase productivity and efficiency.

Siemens Digital Industries Software January 8, 2024

E-Book: How to achieve quality excellence with new product introductions

The introduction of new products is often perceived as fragmented and time-consuming. This E-book illustrates how established quality management practices can be seamlessly integrated throughout the entire development, design, and manufacturing process to enhance the reliability of products.

URMA AG April 13, 2021

(RX small) worldwide smallest replaceable insert reaming sys

No pain, no gain? That's something for the gym.With "RX small", the smallest replaceable insert reaming system in the world, you will have less pain and more...

teltec systems ag December 17, 2020
Service Highlight

FOBA Lease – Get the best laser marking equipment

With our FOBA Lease Program you'll benefit from more planning security and financial flexibility. Check our attractive leasing offers for our complete product range, from laser marking rails to turn-key laser marking machines with vision.


FTA Fahrzeugtechnik AG - Räder - Rollen - Transportgeräte May 10, 2019
Product Highlight

Twist - You determined the properties and the color!

The high-quality Twist double castor offers you the following advantages: - practical brake - attractive appearance, configurable according to your requirements (colour, company logo, brakes etc.) - assembly with standard tools - smooth running with minimum play - simple cleaning


Brainport Industries May 2, 2019
Service Highlight

Innovation program 'Factory of the Future'

This program is part of the “Smart Industry” line of the Hightech Systems & Materials program of the province of Noord Brabant, which has been drafted by companies, knowledge institutes, educators and sector associations in close cooperation with the province of Noord Brabant, Brainport Industries.


SIT (Schweiz) AG April 23, 2019
Product Highlight

SIT NEXT® high performance V-belts

The new SIT NEXT® high performance V-belts made of EPDM compound allows to reduce the overall dimensions of the transmission, guaranteeing high efficiency and energy optimization. They are antistatic according to ISO 1813 and comply with Reach and RohS regulations.


Brainport Industries April 23, 2019
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Fieldlab ‘The Smart Connected Supplier Network’

Fieldlab ‘The Smart Connected Supplier Network’: One language for all data. In the day-to-day business of the supplier industry countless data are gathered such as orders, plans, technical drawings and bills that need to be exchanged between different parties.


Tente AG April 10, 2019

How much strength is required to move 150 kg? None.

Take a moment to remember your last stay at a hotel. You were sure to have encountered a service trolley piled with towels and bedding as you walked along the corridors. Weight: up to 150 kg. A load that presents a challenge for service people, but need do so no longer, thanks to the TENTE e-drive.


Tente AG April 9, 2019
Service Highlight

Innovative mobility solutions

TENTE has been developing smart mobility solutions since 1923. Solutions which noticeably improve people’s lives and their working environment. Solutions which increase productivity, ensure more safety and open up new horizons in matters of design, durability as well as environmental friendliness.


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