Service Highlight SWISSTECH 2019

Drawing parts / Complete processing

Your perfect installation ready component thanks broad knowledge and a lot of experience. hould it be beneficial for you or you don't have the facilities or the capacity, we will assume the overall responsibility fo the delivery of finished drawing parts based on our plate materials.

From the initial drawing, right through to the fully-finished component – HABA will take over the full responsibility for the process if you wish. This includes both the technical consultation and optimised manufacture of the parts as well as the heat treatment, surface coating and quality certification.
Due to a network of specialists that has grown over decades and HABA’s own processing options, a fully finished part as per the drawing can be delivered faster than the usual waiting times, irrespective of whether it is an individual or serial part. All stages of the process will be optimised to such an extent that the best result is always achieved in terms of quality, deadline and cost.