Product Highlight

Girol srl rotary unions

We are producers and sellers of rotary unions. A fully provided warehouse allows us to satisfy the most urgent customer’s requests on all our standard production letting us to be considerated as a kind of rotating unions supermarket. Many applications and sellers all around the world.

Girol srl was born on January 01 2006 from the need of its mother company Ompi srl to dedicate a closer attention to the rotating unions’ developement and productiontogether with a better tailored organization of the work. In fact, the request from the markets of always more specific and customized requirements, forced the creation of an independent company having a specific sectorial identity and therefore separated from the traditional OMPI production of clutches and brakes. So it has been created the Girol Srl, a new firm but adult already thanks to thirty years of Ompi srl experience about rotating unions.