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The demands placed on products are increasing, as are those placed on the components they contain. A driving force is the increasing use of electronics. Discover exciting components for your products.

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HEICO Befestigungstechnik GmbH September 1, 2020
Product Highlight

HEICO-LOCK® Wedge Locking Systems

HEICO-LOCK® wedge locking systems secure your bolted connections effectively and sustainably against self-loosening - especially under vibration and dynamic loads

Harter GmbH August 26, 2020

Safe and stain-free drying

The watch industry has high demands on the drying of small parts. The top priority here is freedom from stains. Harter GmbH developed a 5-chamber dryer with manual operation on customer request. You can find out more about the built-in rotary mechanisms, airflow and temperatures here.

Tente AG May 3, 2019
Product Highlight

First synthetic twin weel castor for industry

The new twin wheel castor from the successful LINEA range is now also available for use in the industrial sector. Testimony from leading automobile manufacturers, the LINEA for industry is another quality product from TENTE.

LUBCON Lubricant Consult AG April 11, 2019
Product Highlight

Wash-out resistant lubricating compound Turmocomp HD 150

Turmocomp HD 150 is a lubricant compound for the lubrication of roller bearings in complex operating conditions. It ensures maintenance-free roller bearings with extended service life - even under critical operating conditions.

Tente AG April 10, 2019

How much strength is required to move 150 kg? None.

Take a moment to remember your last stay at a hotel. You were sure to have encountered a service trolley piled with towels and bedding as you walked along the corridors. Weight: up to 150 kg. A load that presents a challenge for service people, but need do so no longer, thanks to the TENTE e-drive.

Girol Srl February 20, 2019
Product Highlight

Girol srl rotary unions

We are producers and sellers of rotary unions. A fully provided warehouse allows us to satisfy the most urgent customer’s requests on all our standard production letting us to be considerated as a kind of rotating unions supermarket. Many applications and sellers all around the world.

KIPP Schweiz AG February 14, 2019
Product Highlight

FEATURE grip - Operating Parts with Sensors

Smart, intelligent and networkable: With the new FEATURE grip product range, KIPP offers smart components and solutions that deliver information, can be networked and so are suitable for Industry 4.0. They help make digitised manufacturing processes more stable, precise and reliable.

B.M. Group srl February 6, 2019
Service Highlight

Machining BIG SIZE dimension plates & Aluminum Anodizing

Work in partnership with customers to optimize time and cost, we offer full service, Machining BIG and MID-SIZE dimension Aluminum plates & Anodizing.

SMT ELEKTRONIK GmbH February 5, 2019
Product Highlight

MONILOG® data logger: ShockDisplay curve plus

Extremely rugged shock recorder for exact verification of the transport quality. With integrated GPS receiver and inclination sensor. Connection for optional combination sensor for pressure / temperature / humidity.

DREMICUT GMBH February 5, 2019
Service Highlight

High precision laser micro cutting

The production of tension and burr free exact watch parts, spacing foils, feeler gauges, shims, masks, covers, and housing components put extreme demands on the laser technology.

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