Product Highlight

FEATURE grip - Operating Parts with Sensors

Smart, intelligent and networkable: With the new FEATURE grip product range, KIPP offers smart components and solutions that deliver information, can be networked and so are suitable for Industry 4.0. They help make digitised manufacturing processes more stable, precise and reliable.

Indexing Plungers with status sensor
Indexing plungers are used where any change in position due to lateral forces should be prevented. A new locking position can be set only after the pin has been manually disengaged. 


• A sensor is integrated into the indexing plunger that records the status of the pin (extended or retracted). 

• The signal is processed and sent to a receiver device or mobile end device per Bluetooth. 

• Information such as status and battery level can be further processed or displayed. 

• An LED that supplies an optical signal has also been integrated into the indexing plungers. 

• The battery has a life expectancy of roughly 1 year.


Toggle clamps with force sensor
Toggle clamps are used to hold and clamp workpieces. They are used as a mounting and holding device.

• A sensor that determines the clamping spindle force has been integrated into the clamping spindle. The height of the spindle is adjustable. 

• The signal is transmitted via a connected cable. 

• All registered forces are recorded and monitored in the process. 

• The clamping force used and when a preset force has been achieved can be displayed for the operator. 

• Analogue output signal 4mA – 20mA. 

• Digital output signals are available on request. 

• Safety rating IP66.

Spring plungers with status sensor
Spring plungers are used to position, lock or index workpieces. The thrust pins or balls ensure that positioning can be repeatedly and precisely carried out. 

• An electric control signal is transmitted via the built-in limit switch. 

• The status of the thrust pin is determined (pressed in or extended). 

• The signal is transmitted via a connected cable. 

• An LED that supplies an optical signal has also been integrated into the spring plungers. 

• Safety rating IP67.