Service Highlight

High precision laser micro cutting

The production of tension and burr free exact watch parts, spacing foils, feeler gauges, shims, masks, covers, and housing components put extreme demands on the laser technology.

Watch parts, spacer foils, medical applications...

Material thickness starting from 5μm are machined (by comparison: the average thickness of a human hair is about 60, 70μm), for example, out of aluminium, bronze, carbon steel, Durnico® , gold, stainless steel, copper, brass, nickel silver, silver, tantalum, titanium, tungsten.

Parts with a plate thickness of 2mm (stainless steel) and approx. 1mm (coloured or precious metal alloys) are finished to the highest precision. Additionally, pipes, cylinders or other multidimensional products are manufactured.

Various plastics / plastic films such as polyamide, polyimide (Kapton®) PVC and glass, ceramics, rubber are cut with high precision with the laser. To make clear statements, material tests are helpful.