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Harter GmbH August 26, 2020

Safe and stain-free drying

The watch industry has high demands on the drying of small parts. The top priority here is freedom from stains. Harter GmbH developed a 5-chamber dryer with manual operation on customer request. You can find out more about the built-in rotary mechanisms, airflow and temperatures here.

BIG KAISER Präzisionswerkzeuge AG April 9, 2019
Product Highlight


With the smallest digital fine boring head EWE 04-7, also known as "EWE Downsize", BIG KAISER, a global market leader for high-quality precision tools and systems for the metalworking industry, is a major player in the field of micromachining.


Gühring (Schweiz) AG February 27, 2019
Product Highlight

Micro-precision machining, extremely small, ultra-precise

Micro-precision machining, extremely small, ultra-precise. The high level of expertise that Gühring possesses in the manufacture of tools and grinding quality enables us to also satisfy these requirements in micro-precision machining applications.


Röhm Spanntechnik AG February 6, 2019

Midwife for precision watches

Production of the watch plate brings to birth a craft-produced ‘calibre’ – this is the watchmaker’s term for the centrepiece of an ultra-precise, mechanical luxury watch. IWC Schaffhausen uses a KERN Micro for the operation, to guarantee a high standard of process reliability and repetition accuracy


DREMICUT GMBH February 5, 2019
Service Highlight

High precision laser micro cutting

The production of tension and burr free exact watch parts, spacing foils, feeler gauges, shims, masks, covers, and housing components put extreme demands on the laser technology.