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Wash-out resistant lubricating compound Turmocomp HD 150

Turmocomp HD 150 is a lubricant compound for the lubrication of roller bearings in complex operating conditions. It ensures maintenance-free roller bearings with extended service life - even under critical operating conditions.

Unique conditions and environments demand special solutions. Turmocomp HD 150 is a new lubrication concept enabling roller bearing lubrication in complex operating conditions.

Turmocomp HD 150 is a composition of ultrahigh molecular polymers and synthetic, temperature-stable base oils. In food processing applications, physiologically safe and NSF/INS H1-approved oils can be utilised.

To protect the roller bearing in extreme operating conditions, bearing cavities are filled with Turmocomp HD 150 and then treated with heat. By applying heat, the compound hardens and forms a semi-solid, porous matrix structure. It completely fills the bearing cavities and does not displace easily, compared to lubricating greases. In bearings, this structure therefore allows a significantly larger storage of the application specific lubricant.


Application of Turmocomp HD 150

Bearings lubricated with Turmocomp HD 150 are used at lubrication points with limited access or where optimum lubrication with conventional greases or oils cannot be realised, due to technical reasons. This LUBCON lubricant is an environmentally friendly and physiologically safe solution, particularly in sensitive areas that require H1-certification.

Turmocomp HD 150 is suitable for almost every roller bearing geometry. It can be preferably utilised in low to moderate speeds as well as high loads. The compound provides excellent protection against humidity and dust as well as smooth operation of rolling elements, due to high infilling.


Features and benefits of Turmocomp HD 150:

  • Very high media, dust and water resistance
  • Good corrosion protection
  • No evaporation or dripping out of the bearing
  • No condensation due to extreme temperature differences
  • Low friction coefficient and very good wear protection
  • Continuous lubrication
  • High load and impact carrying capacity
  • Larger lubricant quantities stored in the bearing compared to conventional grease lubrication


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