Product Highlight PRODEX 2019

Hermle machining centre C 650

The Hermle C 650 3- or 5-axis machining centre from Hermle is a significant addition to the Performance-Line series and sets new standards in economical parts production.

With the C 650, Hermle AG is significantly expanding its Performance-Line series upwards and now offers three machine models for economic 3- and 5-axis machining. The Performance-Line series is arranged below the High-Performance-Line series with the models C 12, C 22, C 32, C 42, C 52 and C 62 and is almost as good as these. Only the equipment variance, the price and of course the naming show differences.


Like the C 250 and the C 400, the C 650 is designed in Hermle's proven modified gantry design and has a machine bed in mineral casting design, which is manufactured in Hermle's own ultra-modern mineral casting foundry in Zimmern o.R. The integrated rigid clamping table in the 3-axis version can accommodate workpieces up to the max. 3000 kg (1050 x 900 x 600 mm) and is therefore predestined for tool and mold making and mechanical engineering. On the swivel rotary table in the 5-axis version, workpieces up to max. 1500 kg (Ø 900 x 600 mm) can be machined with high precision.


The travels in the working area covered with stainless steel are 1050 x 900 x 600 mm with a mouth width of 775 mm and a door opening of 1050 mm. Optimum conditions for easy and safe crane loading.


The C 650 has an integrated tool magazine for 42 tools. Optionally, two additional magazines with 50 or 88 other tool places can be adapted. The control panel on the C 650 can also be easily swiveled to the tool loading point so that the operator can enter the tool data directly into the tool table in control. The 200 mm high platform adapted to the loading point provides the operator with an optimum ergonomic working height when loading and unloading the tools.


The C 650 is equipped as standard with the Heidenhain TNC 640 control and offers the complete programming functionality of this proven control. The control panel has a large 19" TFT color touchscreen, which is now available on all Hermle machines.


As an option, the C 650 can also be equipped with the ergonomically adjustable comfort control panel. Hermle's proven setups are integrated into the control system, providing the operator with optimum support when machining a wide range of milling operations.


The use of various digital Hermle components such as HIMS (Hermle Information Monitoring Software) and HACS (Hermle Automation Control System) is also optionally available on the C 650.


In the event of servicing, the Hermle "maintenance diagnosis system" is available, which continuously monitors the condition of the machine. This is used for fast machine diagnosis and condition-based determination of maintenance work.