Product Highlight SWISSTECH 2019

Högg Profile - Special profiles as you wish

Högg Profilen opens up many new possibilities for you. Regardless of the material, we supply you with precise profiles that are individually adapted to your needs. With dimensional tolerances in the micrometer range, we manufacture profiles in all metallic materials.

Högg Produktionstechnik AG supplies you with special profiles as you wish. We profile your profiles on special machines in a specially developed process. The continuous milling process offers many advantages over drawn, rolled or pressed profiles:

  • No minimum purchase quantity
  • Shortest delivery times
  • Various materials (steel, stainless steel, titanium, non-ferrous metals...)
  • Compliance with minimum dimensional tolerances
  • No or relatively low tool costs
  • Sharp edges, deep grooves, thin slots possible


Minimum quantities

We don't know the minimum quantities. Our special machines can be set up quickly and easily, which is why we offer you the possibility of producing even the smallest quantities. The problem is well known, often one would like to use a profile, but the quantity is too small. Here we can offer you a solution. We adapt ourselves to you, from one meter up to several kilometers, depending upon profile and need.


Delivery times

Usually, profiles are almost always long-running parts, delivery times are long and you have a larger stock in stock. Högg profiles are different. The shortest delivery times open up new potential in logistics. It is no longer necessary to keep large stocks in stock. We supply you with the requirements you need at short notice and at the right time.



Since our process is material-independent, we can supply you with profiles in almost all metallic materials. Profiles in high-strength steels (Inconel, Hasteloy,...), stainless steel or titanium alloys are also possible.


Dimensional tolerances

Depending on the process, we offer you the tightest tolerances and can directly produce final contours. Post-machining processes, which occur with rolled or pressed profiles, are thus eliminated and can be saved.



With our specially developed through-feed milling process, we can provide you with shapes that would not be possible with conventional processes. Thin-walled stainless steel profiles, filigree titanium profiles or profiles with deep thin slots. The possibilities are almost unlimited.


Support in development

Short delivery times, small quantities, low tool costs, free choice of materials. No wonder that our profiles are very popular in development. These properties enable the designer to test ideas at short notice during the development process and to quickly produce prototypes and functional samples.