Increase of productivity and flexibility through cooperation

For over 40 years Trimos has offered a wide range of products and solutions in the field of dimensional metrology. Find out how the company was able to increase its productivity and flexibility by using the FEHLMANN VERSA 825.

Trimos' production facilities are located in Renens. This is where Trimos develops and manufactures its entire range of measuring instruments. Since its foundation in 1972, Trimos has specialized in height and horizontal measuring instruments and, in cooperation with Sylvac, also offers hand-held measuring instruments.

Sylvac concentrates on electronics, Trimos on mechanics. Today both companies work closely together: Thierry Keist, Chief Marketing Officer at Trimos, explains: "Sylvac and we complement each other perfectly. While Sylvac specializes in small instruments, we offer larger instruments such as height gauges and horizontal benches.


Ultra-precise measuring instruments — 100% Swiss workmanship
Trimos employs around 50 people. In Switzerland, its products are distributed through Brütsch-Rüegger while, on a global scale, the company is working with exclusive agents. Trimos’ tailor-made ultra-precision products are used wherever dimensional measurement is needed for machining operations and especially where measuring or monitoring instruments (ring gauges, gauges, etc.) must be calibrated. The product range comprises 3 product families: height gauges, horizontal measuring benches and surface analysis instruments (for roughness measurement). All Trimos products are manufactured and assembled in Switzerland.


Shared values establish the foundation for a long-term partnership
In search for the perfect machine tool, the company contacted the big players in the industry and visited the major trade fairs. Thierry Keist recalls the quite disappointing results: “Very often, we felt that the other companies looked down on us. The machine tool manufacturers did not seem to be interested in collaboration with a small company like ours. We experienced this over and over again. “From the very beginning, the relationship between Fehlmann AG and our company has been harmonious and has taken place on a level playing field. We immediately felt esteem and appreciation. We realized very soon that our two companies shared various similarities in terms of company philosophy: both are medium-sized and both manufacture high-end products that are made in Switzerland. It is these shared values — and not only the impressive performance characteristics of the machine — that brought us together, even if these characteristics alone make the Versa 825 a must-have!”


High degree of automation for maximum productivity and flexibility
The VERSA 825 features an unobstructed tool changer with rack magazine for 186 tools which allows the operator to have a good view of the tools at all times. The machine is complemented by a twin-screw chip conveyor and a belt filter, a cutting fluid container with a capacity of 1050 liters, an 80 bar high-pressure unit, an oil mist filtration unit and the excellent Robot Multi system by Erowa for pallet loading and unloading. The capability of the robot to load pallets during the machining process was the decisive argument for the purchase. The use of Robot Multi is considerably enhanced with the FEHLMANN MCM™ (Milling Center Manager) system. Gérald Truan, precision engineer at Trimos, is one of the operators working with the VERSA 825 machine: “We are currently producing more than 30 different parts on this machine. We work in two shifts of eight hours each and only on working days. Soon, we will be able to tap into the full potential of our machining center.”


Customer service as decisive factor for new investments
FEHLMANN also takes care of any periphery-related issues for its customers. Next to the high quality of the products, FEHLMANN also offers excellent service and great responsiveness. Thus, it will be no surprise if this partnership contin- ues for many years to come — in particular  because FEHLMANN and Trimos share the same ideology. There are certain things which money cannot buy: respect, consideration, an open ear and passion for what you do.