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Leading ultrasonic technology for the highest demands

Ultrasonic-assisted cleaning is a very effective and gentle method of cleaning all types of materials intensively in the shortest possible time without damage. Industrial cleaning in particular, which requires several ultrasonic frequencies, is a domain of KKS Ultraschall AG.

Purest technology

KKS offers technologically leading solutions for every area of application. Whether plant manufacturer or user, KKS high-performance ultrasonic components meet the highest requirements. Besides, our solutions are characterized by technological progress, user-friendliness, and longevity.

DUAL/MIX frequency ultrasonic technology - your guarantee for cleaning efficiency

The DUAL or MIX frequency technology has proven to be one of the most efficient and effective ultrasonic cleaning methods. Simultaneous sounding in the same cleaning bath with several harmonic ultrasonic frequencies guarantees a pore-deep and gentle cleaning of complex components in a short time.

  • The different ultrasonic frequencies can be used simultaneously or separately
  • Combination of high cleaning energy with depth effect
  • Efficient, gentle, pore-deep cleaning

All KKS ultrasonic equipment can be equipped with SINGLE, DUAL or MIX frequency technology according to your wishes and requirements:

SINGLE: 27 / 30 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 kHz

DUAL/MIX: 27 & 80 kHz / 30 & 60 kHz / 40 & 100 kHz


With specifically developed systems, KKS Ultraschall AG offers a diverse and broad range of applications with highly efficient solutions in the following areas:

medical technology electroplating
precision engineering Electronics
coating technique optics
watch industry mold cleaning

Many outstanding features characterize KKS high-performance ultrasonic components:

  • Customer-oriented - custom-made products precisely according to your requirements
  • Compact and powerful - Individual ultrasonic modules up to 2000 Watt
  • Best cleaning results - automatic frequency modulation, frequency optimization, and constant power maintenance
  • Individual - SINGLE, DUAL, or MIX applications
  • Networked - Easy integration into systems with the "AnyBus" control module
  • Application-specific - Defining the optimum cleaning process and corresponding components with our customers

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