Product Highlight SWISSTECH 2019

New wastewater treatment system: The VACUDEST XS Clearcat

H2O GmbH will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2019. Coinciding with the start of this anniversary year, the company is presenting a new system: the VACUDEST XS Clearcat.

The new system is particularly interesting for companies with less than 300 cubic metres of oily liquid discharge per year, such as used cooling lubricant emulsions or washing water from partial cleaning.

“Our VACUDEST XS to date could not, from a technical perspective, be offered with our tried-and-tested Clearcat module” according to the Sales Director Jochen Freund. “Given that our vision is to enable an increasing number of industrial enterprises to have liquid discharge-free production, over the past year we have worked meticulously on a solution. We changed the design of the VACUDEST XS, and the Clearcat module has now found its place in the highly compact XS system. Our little chick has not only now got better, but is more attractive.”

The Clearcat module enables crystal clear, virtually oil-free distillate and also satisfies strict requirements through the high COD reduction. As such, the distillate can be reused with greater frequency in the production process. Seven out of ten new VACUDEST systems have already been delivered with the Clearcat module. “We are delighted to be able to now offer this option to companies with low liquid discharge volumes,” says Freund.

The system is available in two different sizes: the XS 200 Clearcat is the smallest system in the series and is ideal for up to 200 cubic metres of liquid discharge per year. The XS 300 Clearcat treats 300 cubic metres of wastewater per year. The new systems will probably be available for delivery as from spring 2019.