Product Highlight

NEXTAGE a new generation of industrial robots

NEXTAGE frees people from simple, repetitive activities. This allows them to focus on tasks that demand more creativity and generate higher added value, such as process management and optimization.

NEXTAGE belongs to a new generation of industrial robots. They perform tasks that are difficult for traditional robots to perform. Thanks to its human-like movements, it can
NEXTAGE can be used where a person normally stands and carries out repetitive work using his arms. A modification of the production line is not necessary and no special robot accessories are required.
The user can control and teach NEXTAGE via a graphical user interface. This does not require any specific programming knowledge and can be done even by inexperienced employees. The four cameras (two on the head and one on each arm) make it possible to perform tasks that are hardly possible for traditional industrial robots.
The positioning accuracy with the camera is 0.5mm, the position repeatability 0.03mm.
NEXTAGE co-exists with human beings and works simultaneously with conventional robots and special equipment. Currently hundreds of NEXTAGE robots are working in factories, many of them 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.
With the NEXTAGE robot, industrial robots take the next step in their development, away from the pure "device" to the "partner".