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The production locations Switzerland and Western Europe are dependent on a high degree of automation in production. Advances in robotics and ever better solutions are increasingly enabling fully automated production 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Learn more about new solutions for automation and robotics.

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Universal Robots (Germany) GmbH August 31, 2020

Endutec Uses a UR Cobot to Keep Machines Working at Full Cap

At special machine manufacturer Endutec, a UR10e is responsible for feeding a CNC machine. The robot supports the company in utilizing its machines to full capacity by taking over the night shift, delivering flexibility and space saving benefits.

MABI Robotic AG May 6, 2019
Product Highlight

MAX150 - Highly precise Robot for CNC-Manufacturi

The 6-axis robot MAX 150 Professional is a specialist for machining tasks in the milling area. With its accuracy, operating speed and load capacity, the MABI robot is ideally suited to the challenges of CNC and AM applications.

Intool AG May 2, 2019
Service Highlight

Prestation de conseil en automatisation de machines-outils

L'automatisation (ultérieure) des machines-outils permet d'augmenter le nombre d'heures-machines sans avoir besoin de personnel supplémentaire, même avec de petites séries. Nos rapports comprennent la conception et l'étude de faisabilité de la solution ainsi que le calcul des investissements et de l

Helfina AG April 25, 2019
Product Highlight

MartinSystems: Standard Automation

At MartinSystems, the many years of experience and proven concepts of the innovative special machine manufacturer MartinMechanic are combined to form a clever standard automation concept.

EROWA AG March 20, 2019
Product Highlight

EROWA Robot Compact 80

The EROWA Robot Compact 80 is currently the best-selling EROWA handling unit. Now it also offers the ability to load blanks directly into the manufacturing machine.

EROWA AG March 20, 2019

Successfully and easily automated

When the Fehlmann Versa 825 was purchased, future automation had already been considered. An EROWA Robot Dynamic 150 Linear now operates the Fehlmann 5-axis milling center at Helfenstein AG. The system is space-saving and the integration of the robot took place without any problems.

Otto Suhner AG March 18, 2019
Product Highlight

SUHNER Robotic Tools

We introduce the new product line ROBOTmaster from SUHNER MACHINING. These tools can be used for grinding, deburing, weld removal and milling operations.

HELP-TEC Automation AG / EasyVise / Kawada Nextage March 11, 2019
Product Highlight

NEXTAGE a new generation of industrial robots

NEXTAGE frees people from simple, repetitive activities. This allows them to focus on tasks that demand more creativity and generate higher added value, such as process management and optimization.

HELP-TEC Automation AG / EasyVise / Kawada Nextage March 11, 2019
Product Highlight

Stroke loader / Stroke unloader

This table-top charger is particularly suitable for round, hexagonal and octagonal rods, punctures, screwdriver blades, motor shafts, tap and stone drill blanks, carbide rods, glass tubes, rod-shaped parts and much more.

Zimmerli SA February 26, 2019
Product Highlight

Laser Automation - The new PIRANHA Roboshift

Flexible, dynamic pickup, processing, and depositing. These are the core topics for this automated laser processing system. In addition to the laser, the heart of the system is a compact six-axis robot with about the same length and range as a human arm.

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