GOODJ Automation AG

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System Provider Automation. The entire process steps from order entry through programming, manufacturing documentation, tool measurement, tooling and automated production.

Standards, Products, Services

  • P ERP systems
  • P Industrial IT
  • P Quality management
  • P Further software, IT
  • P Tensioning systems and plates
  • P Chucks
  • P Accessories
  • P Further clamping technology and periphery
  • P Measuring equipment
  • P Handling devices
  • P Robotics
  • P Further automation
  • S Consulting
  • S Tool management
  • S Workshops
  • S Training sessions
  • S Further services

About us

The Company


The company founder Johann Good, as production manager in an SME, had the task of clamping and manufacturing complex aluminum components. The basic problems were on the one hand in small lot sizes and on the other hand in the complicated workpiece geometries, which had to be stretched both on pull and on pressure. Despite intensive search on the market, no suitable clamping system was found, which fulfilled the catalog of requirements.
 Without further ado, he developed a novel clamping system that solved these demands quickly and safely.

On February 21, 1985, the public document about the founding of GOODJ Spanntechnik AG was erected in Mels. The core area at that time was only the production and assembly of the patented GOODJ clamping systems. For the sales a Swiss and a German representation were responsible.


The economic crisis of the early nineties forced us to rethink our strategy as a producer of clamping systems. We decided not only to develop and produce simple, fast and safe products, but also to distribute them directly and to provide additional services. We changed from producer to system provider. Since 2001 GOODJ Spanntechnik AG also offers customized automation solutions.


1985: Development and launch patented pendulum jaw clamping system

1994: Development and market introduction of multiple clamping systems with patented accessories

1996: Due to lack of space relocation of the company to a new location in Mels

1998: Development and market launch of the patented zero-point system GOODJ-Lock

2000: In order to meet growth, the company relocated to the industrial area of ​​Sargans

2001: Strategic reorientation and construction of the automation area

2005: Realization of first automation components and mechatronic devices

2007: Realization of the first highly flexible automation cell with control station, single part and workpiece handling

2009: Completion of the highly flexible automation cell by complete integration of a high-bay warehouse into the control room

2011: Acquisition of building land to drive the growth strategy in the field of automation

2012: Integration of further functional modules such as automatic jaw changer, turning and cleaning stations into the control system

2014: Receipt of the building permit for the new building with annexed office complex

2015: Start of construction and completion of the new building directly on the A13 motorway in Sargans

2016: New name GOODJ Automation AG