Altefco AG, Oberflächentechnik

Short description

...from aluminium to a super metal. Altefco AG specialises in hard anodising, ALTEF coating and hard ematal coating. With various hard anodising processes adjusted to meet specific requirements to ALTEF coating – ALTEFCO has a tailored surface solution for every aluminium component

About us

.... from aluminum to supermetal

The Altefco AG is specialized in:

  • Hard anodizing in various variants
  • Altef Coating
  • Hard Ematal Coating
  • Clear Anodizing
  • Anobond an adhesive primer coating
    Optimum adhesion primer with significantly improved adhesion and durability for fluororubbers

ALTEFCO offers tailor-made surface solutions for every aluminium part. A speciality are the various coatings:

  • Compliance with narrow target dimensions and tolerances
  • Partially coated parts