Helmut Fischer AG

Short description

Supplier of Measuring equipments for coating and wall thickness measurement, material analysis, Material testing and material chracterization. Testing laboratory with DIN ISO 17025 accreditation for the certification of measuring equipments and calibration standards

About us

FISCHER — Measuring Made Easy

Today, measurement and analysis instruments from FISCHER are used around the world in diverse sectors – wherever precision, reliability and easy operation are required. We find out how we can provide our customers the best quality possible through competent and expert consultation, starting with the very first contact and continuing through to the creation of individual service concepts. These close collaborations combined with our drive to innovate repeatedly form the basis for new metrological solutions.


Field of applications

coating thickness measurement

wall thickness measurement

material analysis

conductivity measurement

ferrite content measurement

porosity testing

micro hardness measurement

adhesive strength of coatings

scratch resistance testing


measuring methods

magnetic induction

eddy current

phase sensitive

xray fluoresence

ultra sonic


scratch testing


specialist for automated mesaurements