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Ifanger AG

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The very best cutting technology! We advise and supply end users, authorized dealers and foreign representatives with cutting tools for the machining of metals and plastics. We are manufacturers of both traditional and modern cutting & knurling tools.

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  • P Drilling
  • P Precision tools
  • P Bore finishing
  • P Turning
  • P Milling
  • P Cutting inserts
  • P Threads
  • P Hand tools and accessories
  • P Further precision tools
  • P Tensioning systems and plates
  • P Clamping technology and periphery
  • P Chucks
  • P Accessories
  • P Further clamping technology and periphery
  • S Consulting
  • S Services for manufacturers
  • S R&D, business development, universities
  • S Training sessions
  • S Education and training
  • S ISO 9001:2015

About us

The name Ifanger stands for a high degree of customer benefit, economical quality and field-proven technology.

One hundred years of experience, coupled with innovative ideas and professional products, ensure solutions of first-class quality and technical exellence. The permanent integration of the latest technologies and materials as well as our international presence make Ifanger an attractive market partner.

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Ifanger AG
Steigstrasse 4a
8610 Uster

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 Olivier Flückiger

Olivier Flückiger

Director of Sales & Administration

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 Marc von Tobel

Marc von Tobel

In charge of the Eastern Switzerland, support you in your own location.

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 Urs Läng

Urs Läng

In charge of Middle Switzerland, support you in your own location.

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 Angelo Muci

Angelo Muci

Responsabile per l'area "Ovest", Angelo Muci vi sostiene nei vostri laboratori.

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