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OPEN MIND Technologies Schweiz GmbH September 2, 2020

Testimonial: Western Precision Products about hyperMILL

For their aerospace applications, Western Precision Products must simultaneously achieve tight tolerances and high part quality while having low-volume production. Tyler Bureau, director of manufacturing technology, explains why hyperMILL is critical for success in their new prototype department.

ProtoShape GmbH April 30, 2019

Mountain bike part: Lightweight design & fatigue strength

Additive manufacturing offers completely new possibilities in the design of parts. Thanks to hollow structures, material can be saved. But can the part endure permanent stress? Yes! ProtoShape proves this with a mountain bike part made of titanium.

Arnold Ehrat AG April 23, 2019

Pilatus PC-6: a model airplane made of aluminium

The production of the first aluminium model airplane is running and the first parts of it can already be seen. The replacement of the well-tried balsa structure with aluminium leads to many advantages: robust construction which guarantees damage-free landing as well as resistant surfaces.

Buser Oberflächentechnik AG January 29, 2019

PEKK - a coating travels to Mars

Special telescopes had to be developed for an international Mars project. This required not only a special coating, but also specialist know-how. Learn how the Mars telescopes were successfully produced in cooperation with Buser Oberflächentechnik.

REGO-FIX AG January 21, 2019

Stable conditions with powRgrip

Discover why Franke Industrie AG, a worldwide player in the aerospace and power generation industry, ditched shrink-fit and switched to powRgrip to increase profitability.

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