Pilatus PC-6: a model airplane made of aluminium

The production of the first aluminium model airplane is running and the first parts of it can already be seen. The replacement of the well-tried balsa structure with aluminium leads to many advantages: robust construction which guarantees damage-free landing as well as resistant surfaces.

A development, supported by a new way of thinking, makes it possible to manufacture a model aircraft from a complete aluminium frame and make it suitable for flight. At the moment the model aircraft is still under construction, but the first parts can already be seen.

As an aluminium processing specialist, we have set ourselves the goal of producing a complete model aircraft from aluminium. The model structure is self-supporting and correspondingly robust. The use of aluminium offers many advantages over balsa structures or EPO aircraft: a robust structure that guarantees damage-free landing and surfaces that are resistant.

What started with manufacturing individual components for model airplanes continued with engine production and has now resulted in the construction of a complete model airplane.

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