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Siemens Digital Industries Software November 11, 2022

Artificial intelligence in manufacturing - White Paper

Find out how industrial machinery companies using manufacturing operations management (MOM) systems can exploit artificial intelligence (AI) in a wide range of applications.

Siemens Digital Industries Software May 4, 2022

IoT: Realistic vs. visionary for industrial manufacturers

What can you really expect to get from Industrial IoT solutions? This eBook gives you practical tips on where to get started with industrial IoT and what added value you can achieve.

Universal Robots (Germany) GmbH August 31, 2020

Endutec Uses a UR Cobot to Keep Machines Working at Full Cap

At special machine manufacturer Endutec, a UR10e is responsible for feeding a CNC machine. The robot supports the company in utilizing its machines to full capacity by taking over the night shift, delivering flexibility and space saving benefits.

Siemens Digital Industries Software July 16, 2020

Use of PLM for improved machine development

Learn in this White Paper how product lifecycle management affects the development and introduction of new products and how critical business processes can be improved.

OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH October 14, 2019
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OTEC Switzerland: close, competent and reliable

OTEC in Switzerland - close, competent and reliable: An experienced German-, Italian- and French-speaking sales team will be available to you as your contact in future.

SIGMAtools GmbH May 13, 2019
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UMATI Implementation

UMATI - the standard interface based on OPC/UA represents bidirectional communication on production systems and machines. Data can be read and written on the basis of a defined information model. We help you with the implementation.

SIGMAtools GmbH May 13, 2019
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Multichannel measurement system . DAQ on complex systems

The multi-channel measurement technology developed by SIGMAtools allows the complete and fast analysis of complex mechatronic systems. Relevant system data can be measured selectively or monitored over time.

SIGMAtools GmbH May 13, 2019
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Infrastructure Analysis

Recognize the connections in your infrastructure - what happens when and why? With a complete analysis, indications for the optimal use, dimensioning and parameterization of your systems can be define

WION GmbH May 10, 2019
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Top-quality product presentations

Take your customers on a fascinating journey! Walk through your virtual high-tech industrial facility before the project starts, feel the space of a planned building, or allow your customers to experience your future innovations today. VR Experience can be installed as a fi xed structure or used as

Swissmem May 7, 2019
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Monde du travail 4.0

Notre thème principal du Prodex de cette année est le monde du travail 4.0 qui sera mis en œuvre sur les trois stands Swissmem, Swissmem Academy et Industry 2025 et dans le Forum.

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