Accelerating product development with new technologies

This article informs you about the trends, technologies and processes that are driving modern mechanical engineering. And you will learn how you can use new technologies to accelerate product development.

The challenges in the machine industry can be summarised under one term: Complexity

Machine Engineering is very complex and dynamic. Digitalization processes and increasing software integration in the machines themselves has completely transformed the way industrial machines are designed, developed, manufactured and commissioned.

To help navigate through this journey we have created an E-Book and a White Paper that explain how Siemens Advanced Machine Engineering can provide the information and the tools needed to be prepared for the future of machine design.


E-Book: 4 key trends in machine engineering

Are you adequately positioned for the challenges in mechanical engineering? Learn how you can turn the 4 most important trends facing machine builders today into a competitive advantage.

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White Paper: Advanced Machine Engineering

Learn how Siemens' Advanced Machine Engineering approach supports all product development disciplines involved in the development of a digital twin of the machine, taking into account all multidisciplinary processes such as mechanical, electrical, electronic and automation.

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