Cost savings by reducing the cycle time

A manufacturer of medical equipment wanted to reduce his cycle time in order to be able to offer his workpieces cost-effectively. Learn how a Denitool expert's recommendation reduced the cycle time and lowered the manufacturing costs.

The challenge

To be able to offer its workpieces cost-effectively, a manufacturer of medical equipment wanted to achieve a cycle time of 8 seconds. Internal tests have shown that the surface quality and insert wear values could not be obtained with the corresponding parameters.

A solution was needed, and Denitool was consulted. The Denitool expert quickly realized that the manufacturer's manufacturing method did not allow for significant changes. Due to the sub-optimal conditions, the insert had no chance of achieving an optimum service life with a permissible surface quality.


Recommendation leads to cost savings

The main recommendation of the Denitool expert was to adapt the cutting conditions for optimum cutting in the direction of the insert.

The manufacturer has now succeeded in harmonizing cycle time, surface quality and insert wear with a Denitool insert.

How exactly Mr. Felber, the Denitool expert, solved these problems, and whether oil or emulsion was used, you can ask him directly when visiting our booth. Of course, you can also contact us now. We will be happy to advise you at any time.