eBook: Production planning in a complex supply chain

Discover how advanced planning and scheduling can improve the performance of your supply chain. Find out how APS systems support an effective supply chain management strategy.

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Production planning and scheduling even in flawless conditions is challenging for manufacturers today because of shrinking lot sizes, growing product and process complexity and extensive supply chains.

What’s more, flawless conditions are rarely available. The pandemic, while unprecedented in its pervasive impact on the global manufacturing ecosystem, represents only one of the most recent disruptive events that manufacturers have faced. These intensifying challenges to the supply chain have prompted proactive companies to implement new, holistic supply chain management strategies.

Users must be able to support these strategies by leveraging planning and scheduling tools with considerably more firepower than spreadsheets and other homegrown systems possess. Collaborative planning across the supply chain in these uncertain times demands new capabilities – the kind offered by advanced planning and scheduling (APS) systems.

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