Service Highlight

LNS Service and support

The LNS customer service and technical support teams are the industry’s most experienced. They provide expert product selection and application assistance, professional installation and comprehensive training. We support every product we sell with replacement parts.

Customer Service

LNS is your one-stop resource for industry leading bar feeding equipmentand accessories, chip conveyors and coolant management systems. So you get unmatched product range, applications experience, service and support. 
The LNS customer service and technical support teams are the industry’s most experienced. They provide expert product selection and application assistance, professional installation and comprehensive training. 
We support every product we sell with replacement parts, and both field and factory service. We provide this expert service through trained technicians who are strategically positioned throughout Europe. And because we design every bar feed, chip conveyor and coolant system we sell, we can provide parts and service for all LNS equipment – even bar feeds that have been in service for over twenty years.


Spare Parts

Increased productivity means a minimum of downtime and therefore readily available spare parts.

LNS products do not require significant servicing however when it is required it must take place immediately to avoid holding up production and triggering a "knock-on effect" with regards to delivery times, payment dead lines, and, in a word, productivity in the broadest sense of the term. 
In addition today’s machining world requires high flexibility and therefore parts available in order to rapidly switch production runs.



The installation of the peripheral will impact significantly the performance of the machine-tool package. LNS has understood since the beginning the importance of offering solid support, due to this LNS customers can rely on a strong local service network to professionally install their peripheral. The technician's skills, experience, responsiveness and sometimes intuition can be just as important as the equipment's features, if not more so. 
As soon as a barstock is loaded into the machine it begins to rotate and therefore vibrates. The reduction of this vibration thanks to LNS’ high performance products and solid support leads to respected tolerance, improved surface quality, accelerated turning, extended tool life and guaranteed reproducibility. In addition the slightest error in alignment or interface of the barfeeder with the lathe can disrupt the whole production process therefore professional installation is absolutely required. 
The performance of the conveyor depends highly on the appropriate fit to the machine-tool. Even though the specific machine-tool requirements are taken into consideration at the design and production phases the knowledge and experience of the installation engineer will ensure a perfect match. 
With over 170,000 barfeeders and 160,000 conveyors installed throughout the world, LNS enjoys long experience in the installation of machine-tool peripherals. The LNS service network is specially trained to respond effectively to all demands and requirements.



In order to respond to the increasing production performance demand machine-tool peripheral complexity has grown significantly. Training by LNS specialists will allow customers to extend their knowledge, use advanced functions and therefore optimize working time and exploit all the potential offered by LNS machines. 
This customer training is carried out either by LNS employees or the significant support network that has been developed over the years. This network is held at the cutting edge of technology through extensive training.


Specific Applications

The overall machine-tool performance depends on the complete package and therefore also on the peripherals. The choice of the automatic or manual load barfeeder is important but the specific configuration is what will make the real difference. 

In order to determine the most accurate configuration the parts to be machined, the machine-tool characteristics, the operator skills and the global production process need to be taken into consideration. In addition future requirements and evolutions also need to be considered. 

The experience acquired and the strong network of specialist technicians developed over the years allows LNS to offer very strong customer specific application support. 
Our proximity policy enables us to understand the current requirements and respond swiftly and accurately and develop solutions for the future needs.