Showcase SWISSTECH 2019

Preparation of ready-to install part of Agriculture Machine

For a fast assembly, customers often require additional small components and accessories. The budget for such hinges, fixes, etc. is limited, but just-in time production leads to time saving, which has a greater value indeed. This showcase shows ready-to install parts of an agriculture machine.

We normally implement accessories such as hinges, fixing, door locks, handles, etc....

Customers and production process managers often forget that some parts or pieces requires some additional parts, which are normally installed during production process.

If a careful check would be carried on, this is a time waste, a "poor" operation, which might be implemented during external supply.

This beacuse it is known since the beginning that a specific element must be combined with additional parts.

So the perfect match up is to requires to the supplier, when a specific part is produced, to add also the assembling parts that are necessary for the part to be mounted.

Lampa Plastic is performing such service for several services: we acquired experience and know how in offering solutions to our most depending customers for such applications