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Lampa Plastic Srl May 6, 2019

Preparation of ready-to install part of Agriculture Machine

For a fast assembly, customers often require additional small components and accessories. The budget for such hinges, fixes, etc. is limited, but just-in time production leads to time saving, which has a greater value indeed. This showcase shows ready-to install parts of an agriculture machine.

HAKAMA AG April 29, 2019
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Professional Project Management

With interdisciplinary know-how, state-of-the-art technology and highly motivated experts, we assist national and international companies with the industrialisation of complex commodities.

Arnold Ehrat AG April 23, 2019
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ESD-protected assembly stations

For our customers from medical technology and chip industry we assemble finished kits in our ESD-protected assembly area. As long-standing specialists in the production of precise mechanical parts, we are committed to the highest quality.

BKB Precision April 15, 2019
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Plastic assembly

BKB Precision gladly realises composites (assy’s) or sub-composites for you. Compositing, packaging and testing products is an important part of our manufacturing process. BKB Precision strives to relieve you from your burdens and our added value in plastic assembly often benefits efficiency.

Ambros Schmelzer & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG April 3, 2019
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Industrial assembly

Through its subsidiaries, Schmelzer offers its customers pipe and industrial assembly and industrial furnace assembly.Assembling of high-quality capital goods is a responsible role.

DI.CO SERVICE s.r.l. February 8, 2019

Quickly spare parts

Meet the customer's needs regarding the rapid supply of strategic spare parts for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of their automatic machine lines.

HAKAMA AG February 5, 2019

The art of Swiss Engineering for connoisseurs

Our engineers combined the internal device components of the compact coffee machine of Thermoplan into modules without screw connections, for easy assembly and maintenance. Despite the highly compact design, smart solutions for heat and steam protection guarantee continuous operations.

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