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Innotool Austria GmbH May 7, 2019
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UNILOCK 5-Axis Stabilizer

innotool austria UNILOCK 5-Axis Stabilizer is especially developed for supporting work pieces during their operating process. As an addition to existing manual or zero-point oriented work holding systems the UNILOCK 5-Axis Stabilizer provides a solid stop against vibrations.

Büchele SF-Systeme April 29, 2019
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High-pressure system SFB-310eco/FMB turbo3-36HD

Our newly designed high-pressure system SFB-310eco combines the proven FMB loading magazine technology with the innovative and energy-efficient high-pressure technology of SF-Systeme Büchele in a compact unit and sets new standards in operability and application.

Lestoprex AG April 17, 2019
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Application of a Filtermist FX4002

The installation of a Filtermist centrifugal technology mist collector FX4002 for emulsion and oil mist leads to a cleaner, safer and more productive workshop.

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The manual zero point clamping system for direct workpiece clamping offers you greatly reduced set-up times, reliable workpiece clamping with maximum holding forces, maximum repeat accuracy and optimum accessibility for 5-sided machining.

Rimann AG March 14, 2019
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Briquetting Systems

The EVTM-55-L is a compact briquetting machine that combines all components in one housing. Briquetting increases the economic value of chips/sanding sludge and reduces chip and sludge handling time.

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Spannzangenfutter System Ottet Typ FNO

Unsere neuste Entwicklung sind Spannzangenfutter mit Hubeinstellung. Mit den Futtertypen FNO-K, FNP-KAH und FNF-KAH können dünnwandige oder formschlüssige Werkstücke, wie Ringe, Scheiben, Hülsen, usw. durch die mechanische Hubeinstellung deformationsfrei und prozesssicher gespannt werden.

LNS Europe February 7, 2019

LNS peripherals for maximum productivity

A customer was looking for bar feeders and air filter systems for its machine tools that would guarantee maximum productivity while taking up as little space as possible. Find out how the solution of LNS Europe met these criteria and how at the same time the production layout could be optimized.

LNS Europe February 7, 2019
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LNS ChipBlaster high-pressure coolant system JV-40.

LNS ChipBlaster JV-40, the ideal high-pressure coolant solution, designed with variable flows and pressures, to deliver clean filtered coolant for maximum machining productivity.

Röhm Spanntechnik AG February 6, 2019

Midwife for precision watches

Production of the watch plate brings to birth a craft-produced ‘calibre’ – this is the watchmaker’s term for the centrepiece of an ultra-precise, mechanical luxury watch. IWC Schaffhausen uses a KERN Micro for the operation, to guarantee a high standard of process reliability and repetition accuracy

Röhm Spanntechnik AG February 5, 2019
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Jaw change in less than 50 seconds

The new DURO-A RC power chuck delivers as a true PRICE-PERFORMANCE CHAMPION across the board. With the quick jaw change system and individual unlocking, the jaws can be changed, moved or turned flexibly and with less set-up time in just 50 SECONDS.

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