LNS peripherals for maximum productivity

A customer was looking for bar feeders and air filter systems for its machine tools that would guarantee maximum productivity while taking up as little space as possible. Find out how the solution of LNS Europe met these criteria and how at the same time the production layout could be optimized.

The customer located in the industrial area of Biel needed bar feeders as well as air filtration systems for his machine-tools, fulfilling some important criteria.

The bar feeder had to provide maximum productivity, offer the smallest footprint, ensure perfect guiding of small bars at the highest speeds and had to be easy to use. For those reasons, the LNS Express 112 bar feeders have been recommended and chosen by the customer.

In addition, it was required to integrate, an air filtration system with an efficient long lasting filter. By doing so, the production layout had to be optimized, filter lifetime of the air conditioning and ventilation had to be increased, and the employees' working environment had to be improved. The LNS FOX WS 2 air filtration system fulfilled all those criteria.