Sustainability and resource efficiency

In this topic you discover solutions for a more efficient use of resources and a more sustainable production, which is developing in the direction of circular economy.

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URMA AG October 17, 2022
Product Highlight

Lestoprex AG April 17, 2019
Product Highlight

Application of a Filtermist FX4002

The installation of a Filtermist centrifugal technology mist collector FX4002 for emulsion and oil mist leads to a cleaner, safer and more productive workshop.

Helfina AG April 16, 2019
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Premium filter for oil mist and oil smoke

We collect and filter the exhaust air from industrial processes. We separate aerosols efficiently, what remains is pure air. In this way you protect your health and the environment and save money at the same time. We guarantee maintenance-free operation of our filter systems for 1 year.

Blaser Swisslube AG March 6, 2019

Long-term plant-based solution

Mollet Präzisionsmechanik AG, a family business working in the field of precision mechanics and medical technology, had an issue with the metalworking fluid. Approaching Blaser Swisslube was the beginning of a new chapter.

W.AG Funktion+Design GmbH February 14, 2019

Digital instructions already available on the packaging

The Digimarc barcode, which is invisible to the human eye, eliminates printing costs for paper manuals. The barcode is integrated into the in-mould labeling motif and can be scanned with an app. The user can call up the digital instructions anytime and anywhere.

DC SWISS SA February 12, 2019
Product Highlight

Series GWi 5000: The perfect thread

New solutions for the machining of micro threads with thread whirlers: The multi-tooth full profile VHM thread whirler guarantees a burr-free thread. There are no eyebrows at the transitions and edges of the thread.

Louis Bélet SA January 24, 2019
Service Highlight

Reconditioning and Reprofiling

Bélet tools are made to last. Most tools can be reconditioned, either if manufactured by Bélet or by our competitors. Profiled tools with constant or logarithmic relief can also be reconditioned on our specialized machines.

sia Abrasives Industries AG January 15, 2019
Product Highlight

Fiber disc 4570 siabite X with a cooler cut

The newly developed X technology from sia Abrasives coats the abrasive with a cooling agent in a special process. The active cooling agent reduces the heat generated during grinding and thus extends the service life of the disc.

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