Simultaneous pipe end machining with one tool

For tube machining on a special lathe, no standard ISO tools could take over the task. Read how Denitool developed a special tool that allows the machine to process two tube ends simultaneously.

The customer could not achieve a reasonable processing time and process reliability with his production method and reported this to his tool supplier and Denitool sales partner in Germany, whereupon Denitool dealt with this matter.

With a steel pipe, it is not easy to deburr cleanly every second. The cutting edge experiences a point load and is loaded extremely fast towards a large cutting edge length without being cooled.

The Denitool experts analyzed the production process and found the solution in a highly positive indexable insert from the product portfolio, which is actually mostly used for aluminum or precious metals. It had the right properties to get into the hole and to achieve a clean cut in the steel pipe.

Due to the recommended coating and geometry, the indexable insert achieves the required wear values.
With the correct placement of the inserts on a tool, the machine no longer has to perform a tool change and performs all chamfer and face cuts on two pipe ends simultaneously in one go.

Denitool is always happy when the customers thank you with a small video, as in this case.
The picture shows a snapshot of the finished tool from such a video in action.