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SIGMAtools GmbH May 13, 2019
Service Highlight

UMATI Implementation

UMATI - the standard interface based on OPC/UA represents bidirectional communication on production systems and machines. Data can be read and written on the basis of a defined information model. We help you with the implementation.

Innotool Austria GmbH May 7, 2019
Product Highlight

UNILOCK 5-Axis Stabilizer

innotool austria UNILOCK 5-Axis Stabilizer is especially developed for supporting work pieces during their operating process. As an addition to existing manual or zero-point oriented work holding systems the UNILOCK 5-Axis Stabilizer provides a solid stop against vibrations.

g + p GmbH & Co. KG April 4, 2019
Product Highlight

precision tools for turning und milling - lead free material

Lead-free materials are required by Reach, RoHs and laws. If the lead content is reduced or eliminated, then you need other tools. g + p has already carried out two major tool development projects and developed special tools.

HAKAMA AG March 14, 2019

Innovative cloakroom and service system

The clever sheet metal modules for clothing, bags,mobile phone charging stations and information screens accommodate a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.

Zehnder Clean Air Solutions March 8, 2019

Innovative surface coatings thanks to air cleaning

As a leading global provider of surface coatings, Oerlikon Balzers relies on industrial air cleaning systems from Zehnder to reduce its quality costs, improve the health and wellbeing of its employees, and enhance the visual impact of its coating centres.

BSF Bünter AG March 6, 2019

Additive Manufacturing in use at 400m depth

With increasing depth, large forces act on the tubes of a geothermal probe. In order to be able to cope with these forces at the lowest point over decades, Jansen relies on additive reinforcing sleeves and saves 70% of the original production costs.

Blaser Swisslube AG March 5, 2019
Product Highlight

Synergy 735 - my clear choice

"Synergy 735 looks like water and is my clear choice", explains Influencer and owner of Titans of CNC Academy, Titan Gilroy. Neutral odor and excellent skin compatibility of the full-synthetic product convince.

ProtoShape GmbH March 4, 2019

3D scan safe high security key

The UrbanAlps StealthKey is the mechanical answer to the unauthorized simple 3D scanning and 3D printing of mechanical keys. The high security keys are produced by laser melting.

Weicon GmbH & Co. KG February 6, 2019

Bonding of support brackets to polyethylene cheese moulds

Bonding of support brackets to polyethylene cheese moulds. The support brackets are factory welded, but break out in daily use and have to be fixed again. An NSF certificate is not required, there is no contact to the finished cheese.

MANOMETAL GmbH November 22, 2018

Turned brass parts made of low lead and lead-free alloys

In industrial sectors, where brass in combination with drinking water is subjected to ever stricter controls, new alloys are increasingly conquering the market. Read how Manometal has been able to create a customer-specific solution within a very short time using specially developed machining tools.

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